Quiz Time 2017


Test your knowledge!

Quiz Time is a fun and challenging multiple choice Quiz/Trivia/GK and it's totally free. You can find over 35,000 questions in lots of different topics,
and new topics are added regularly so you won’t have to worry about ever running out of trivia to test your general knowledge(GK) on. So, How many questions
can you solve?

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★ FREE: Quiz Time is completely free to try! Just tap the download button and start playing!

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Other Comments: 

The main game is accessible, but there are however, 5 unlabeled buttons, found near the bottom in this order going from right-to-left: Remove Ads, HomePage, Share, SendEmail to Developer and Add Rating. I have, however, labeled and uploaded these labels to "Blindo." The game could be a little bit Euro-centric, but overall, this is a good game. There is a background music that can be turned of by going to the settings if the background music bothers you. Have fun playing "Quiz Time 2017."