Recommendations for OCR apps - especially with scanning stands suchas ScanJig Pro or Giraffe Reader?

I have a Kapsys SmartVision2 phone, which is designed for the blind/vision impaired and has a physical keypad, as well as a touchscreen. (I do not use the touchscreen and chose this phone partly because it has a physical keypad.) More info about the phone is at:
I have always had very patchy results with OCR/text recognition apps, as I'm not good at aiming the camera accurately to capture the text, so I've been trying out the ScanJig Pro scanning stand, and researching regarding the Giraffe Reader. What OCR apps do you recommend - especially that work with these stands? Please also specify which are better for smaller items - eg business cards, CD/DVD covers, labels on medicine bottles vs documents, books etc? I've so far been experimenting with Envision AI and more recently I installed TextGrabber and SmartLens, but have only so far attempted flat documents, with a bit better results since using the Scanjig Pro stand. (The SmartVision2 phone also has a built-in OCR app, but I've had very patchy results with that, despite its built-in guidance features, and it is quite limited in the material it will work with, and I couldn't even trial KNFBReader, as I couldn't even enable various settings for tilt guidance, flash etc, and then it told me I had no recognitions left, and I only got the automated responses when I emailed their Support address.)