Read e-books, articles, any texts and web pages fast and comfortably.
Switch easily between regular reading and speed reading (up to 3000 words per minute)!

? Reedy opens files, web links and any text received from other apps
? Supported formats: epub / fb2 / html / txt; including books in zip-archives

? Styled text, images, tables, links, footnotes: all the elements can be displayed right in the reader;
? Extraction of the main content from web pages;
? Easy and intuitive navigation through the book. Table of Contents
with auto...

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Other Comments: 

While this app does have five or so unlabeled buttons near the bottom of the screen, these do not have any effect on the main functionality of the article as they have to do with how the text is displayed on the device. I've written to the Dev, but haven't heard back yet.