Results Of The 2015 Favourite Accessible Android Assistant Software Poll

Over the months of January & February 2015, we ran a poll to find out what accessible android Assistants people preferred and why.   And now here are the results:


Google Now - 50% - The Winner by a landslide!


Comments From Voters:

Google Now comes with nearly every phone running Jelly Bean and above, and works better than nearly everything else available. I tried several of the voice assistents when I ran Gingerbread, but Google Now beats them all on Jelly Bean.


You need to turn on a few settings to get the full Google Now experience if you are an android user who is blind.  There is a setting to have Google Now speak more.  Also, you can extend Google Now's abilities and the commands it knows by installing Commandr for Google Now which is a 3rd party app that allows you to add additional commands and functionality.  You can also use Taskr with Commandr for Google Now to extend it's ability to activate by voice just about anything you can imagine.


Utter - 17%

Comments From Voters:

It's much faster than everything else can work even if you lose connection and it doesn't open any Windows when you interact with it.


Simple and  allows you to create your own commands, and can use offline voice recognition


SVoice (Only Available On Samsung Devices)  - 17%


Comments From Voters:

S voice is cool it works just as well as the voice assistant on iOS---


Tried nuance and sVoice, and sVoice just seems a bit simpler/cleaner


SpeakToIt  Assistant - 8%

Comments From Voters:

It is accessible, with well-labeled buttons such as Microphone, Settings, etc, and you can either type or say your query. With the paid version, you can even customize it and teach it stuff, and any version can give the assistant a name. Also, if you say "I want to play", it sends periodic mental push-ups.


Robin  - siri-challenger -  8%

No comments provided

Other Voice Assistants That Recieved No Votes

  • Iris  - 0 %
  • AIVC - 0 %
  • Dragon Personal Assistant - 0 %
  •  Jeannie - 0 %


Now it's your turn, did we miss any voice assistant that you find particularly useful?  If so, please let us know in the comment section below with an explanation of why you love it.