Scanning and Optical Character Recognition Apps

Here are some notes on OCR Apps for Android compiled by Danny Mathis

Google Goggles:

I have been using this one sense my HTC MyTouch4G running gingerbred while
its gone through a few enterface changes it still remains my favorite for
quickly scanning text. This one can scan chunks of text or if you hold the
camra 6 to 8 inches away from the pae you get a full view of the page.

Text Fary:

This one was a hit and miss, I got it to read 3 out of 5 tries but a lot of
its text was garbled with a lot of extra Characters in the document.

ABB Text Grabber:
Text Grabber came the closest to Goggles when OCRing a pages. For the most
part I got pretty good results. Note lighting is very imported unless you
have a flash on your phone or device.

Text Detective:

I would not suggest this one because you have to turn your phone to
landscape and the book or pages to to portrait. This app was a hit and miss
all of the time unless it gets fixed no go in my book "it's a time