Screen off, Keep playing


Did you ever want to enjoy Youtube Videos with screen Off to save your battery?

With Screen Off Keep Playing, now, you can!

Works very good with Amoled Screens!

Due to Android limits isn't possible to turn off completely the screen but on Amoled Screen Black = No Battery Drain!

On LCD the black screen with the lowest brightness will help a lot to save your battery anyway.

When you launch "Screen Off Keep...

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As an app Junkie, I've seen all kinds of aps, and once in a while, there comes along an app that really thrills me, and this is one of them--Screen Off, Keep Playing! The app is very easy to use. 1. Install the app, 2. Launch the app and tap on the "go" near the top-right so it takes you to the Accessibility area of your device, 3. Switch on "Screen Off, Keep Playing" in this Accessibility area, 4. Go bac to the app, and tap on "ok and you are good to go. To use, simple do this: 1. Launch a video app or go to YouTube or a TV site: 2. While it's playing, simply hold down the "voulume up" for a few seconds then let go. 3. The screen will shut off becoming totally black while your video keeps playing. 5. To bring back the screen to life, simply hold down on the "volume up" for a few seconds, then let go and your screen comes back to life. To increase your volume while the screen is off and the video is playing, simply, press the "volume up" repeatedly instead of holding it down,and your volume wil be raised. To decrease the volume, just decrease it the way you are used to decreasing your volume.