ScreenMeet is the first and only way to share your Android screen live over the Internet. Anyone can see what you are sharing without downloading the app
and can watch on any phone (including iPhone), tablet or computer. With your ScreenMeet URL, you can share your screen and show off your Android.

ScreenMeet. It just works! Free for up to 5 viewers. Available on PC and MAC at

Who Uses ScreenMeet?
• Sales and Marketing Professionals use it to demo apps and show PPT's
• Account Management and Training use it for e-learning, training and...

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Other Comments: 

Screenmeet is truly a great app that has a potential. Whilst it's true that the screen that displays on a computer of a blind person ustilizing a screen reader isn't read, I have, however, found out, that while using jaws and running the "OCR", I am actually able to read the content of the window or app from my phone that is now displaying on my laptop. There are three button on the top part of the screen. On the farthest right corner, is the "My account" button which doesn't speak, but tapping on that reight corner, brings up one's account information. To the left of that, is the "Room Settings", which again, doesn't speak, but the way to be sure that you are tapping on that button, is to start from the very top right corner, and slie your finger for about half an inch, and tap, this would activate te "my room settings", and here, you can choose to add a password, the quality, etc. To the very far left, just at the very top left corner, is another button that doesn't speak, but tapping on this button, returns you to the main UI of the app. So, in other words, say you have tapped either the "my account" or "my Room Settings", and you tap the farthest top left corner of your screen, you would be returned to the main UI of the screen. All you need to do at this point, is tap on "Start", whcih is at the bottom of the screen, just above the Home key, and this button is labeled, and once you tap on that, you can tap on "Choose app to" or or you can tap on you home key and go choose an app that you want to show the other person. The default meeting URL is: " your name. So all you give to the person you want to view your screen, is " your name" and the password (if you have chosen to protect your meeting.