[Seattle Area, $40 compensation] Work with UW researcher to improve Android app accessibility

*** Note: Information about this study is provided by inclusive android as a community service. Inclusive android has no responsibility for the conduct of this research. For questions please contact the study owners or the Institutional Review Bord at The University of Washington. ***

We are researchers at the University of Washington seeking Android users with visual or motor impairment. Your feedback will help us understand how to improve the accessibility of mobile applications.

This paid research involves two stages. In the first stage, we will email or call you to identify examples of Android apps where you have encountered certain forms of common accessibility problems.

In the second stage, we will attempt to improve the accessibility of the apps you identified. We would then like to conduct an in-person interview to receive your feedback on the enhanced apps. It will take less than an hour and can be conducted at UW or another mutually-agreeable location for your convenience (for example, at a public library). After the interview, you will be compensated with a $40 Amazon gift card.

If you are interested and available for an interview from March 16 to 31, please contact xiaoyiz@cs.uw.edu with any questions or to further discuss the details.

Thanks for your time!


Xiaoyi Zhang