A work number on your personal smartphone—that’s your Sideline. Sideline is the free phone solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or
anyone who needs a second phone line. Now you can keep work and life on separate numbers, not separate phones.

Sideline adds a real US phone number to your phone. You get to talk and text free from a dedicated work line. And because it’s a real phone number, you
can call and text anyone, even landlines.

With your free phone number, you get...

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There are a bunch of providers that have similar apps, but unlike those that require a monthly subscription, this one doesn't, thus, you can have a second line for free. As for usage, the app does have some unlabeled buttons, noticeably foun ind the following regions of the app: 1. When the app is fully loaded, near the to right corner are three buttons: More options, Dialpad and Contact". Tapping on the "Dialpad", reveals your contacts as well as revealing and edit fild near the top of the phone above the contacts. What is missing, is the "Dialpad" you wanted. In order to get the Dialpad to show, there is a button above the Edit field, about 2 inches left of the top right corner, tapping on that, reveals the dialpad. All the buttons on the dialpad speak, except the "Call" or "Dial" button which is located below the zero key. 2. When in an SMS mode, the buttons on the left and right sides of the edit field are not labeled. The button on the right side of the edit field is the "send" button and the one on the left side of the edit field, is the "Attach" button, which when tapped on, pops up a few unlabeled buttons. The first one that shows up on the left side of the edit field after tapping on the Attach button, is the one for Emojis, next to it, going left is the one that when tapped on, opens up your gallery, and next to that is the one that when tapped on, launches your camera app, or if you have more than one camera app, ask you as to which one you want to use, the last one on the left of all of that, simply exits out of this menu. I've written to them and I'm awaiting their response with respect to having them label the app. You can join me in wiriting to them for the same reason. Overall, it's a great app that comes in handy when you don't want to give out your real number.