Smart Braille


This mobile application primarily aims to provide faster communication for the blind and visually impaired people through their mobile phones.

The functionalities of the application can be divided into two purpose sets. The first is writing on a mobile phone, and the second is reading a text with the help of it.

Writing on phones by the blind or visually impaired people is carried out in two ways, by using the standard system keyboard whose main disadvantage is the time it takes when searching for the characters or using the speech-to-text feature which for obvious reasons...

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Other Comments: 

Despite repeated pleading from some of us to have Microsoft bring "Seeing AI" to Android, our pleas have gone unanswered! Now, here comes a little guy out of nowhere, who, in my never-to-be-humble opinion, blew the "Seeing AI" out of the water. "Smart Braille's" "text detection" is fast and absolutely beautiful. If there is any fault I find with the app, is the fact that once it finishes reading what is captured, it starts reading it all over again. I have written to the Dev suggesting that this be fixed if possible as well as adding the ability to save the recognized text as well as the ability to choose a TTS of one's own choosing. The app is primarily a Braille-inputting app, but because I personally haven't been successful in inputting Braille on a consistent basis on my phone, I will let folks who do this on a regular basis evaluate the Braille input part.