Smart Lens


Smart Lens - Text Scanner OCR help you easy to convert image to text: scan and translate document, scan and detect phone number, email, website url, business
card, etc… with very high accuracy in few seconds !!!

Try to copy by typing a long number, a complex url, or a contact with a lot of information? Sounds out of date! Now you have Smart Lens - Text Scanner.

Try to translate a foreign language document such as Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese... by typing each word on Google Translate? Seem impossible! But It's
so easy if you have Smart Lens - Text Scanner....

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Every now and then, a good app comes along, and then a great app comes along as well! "Smart Lens" is probably one of those apps that I would want to refer to as a "great app." Yes, the buttons found throughout the app are totally unlabeled, but I have painstakingly, taken my time to label those buttons and uploaded them to "Blindo." This app is unique in its way an simply stands alone in this class! Besides the fact that it doesn't need internet access to do OCR which is instantaneous, it has the ability to translate instantaneously what has been captured into another language or with a tap of a button, the whole text can be copied to the clipboard. There are two ways of capturing text. 1. The traditional method of tapping on the shutter to capture the text and then proceed from there, which in this case, that "shutter" button does not speak. You can, however, find it if you want to use the traditional method, which involves tapping on the shutter button, and that button is nestled right in between a button to the left of it that i labeled as "Shrink area" and the "off/on" button on the right. All these buttons are found above the Home Key area. 2. The "off/on" button, by default, is in the "off" position. 3. Tapping on that "off/On" switch, results in the appearance of a couple buttons ("Text" and "Refresh)" buttons right above the "shutter button." 4. These 2 buttons can only appear when there is a text on the piece of paper that the camera is pointing to; thus, meaning, if there is no text, and you switch on the "off/on" switch to the "on" position, those two buttons, which are "Text" and the "Refresh" buttons won't show up. In other words, the "text" and "refresh" buttons would only appear upon turning on the "off/on" swich, provided that there is a text behind the camera. if there is no text, those buttons won't show, but if you force it by holdding down the "shutter button," those buttons would appear briefly. 5. If there is text on the material that the camera is pointing to and you tap on the "off/on" switch, and tap on the "text" button, instantaneously, the text would show up and you can read it. No, this action does not click the "shutter," rather, it captures the text and displays the text when you tap on the "Text" button. 6. There is a button to the right of the "off/on" button, that I labeled "more," and tapping on that "more" button, results in popping up a couple butttons just above the "more" button that disappear in about 3