Speak! is an app designed to aid the visually impaired and others that require reading assistance.

The app takes advantage of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. It will read any text captured by the camera. It can be used to read anything from street signs to newspapers. The app has been specifically designed to detect text in "bad photos", for instance when the text is rotated or far away. In addition it knows to detect relevant text only, for example when photographing a page in a book, text captured on the adjacent page will be ignored.


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Other Comments: 

This is an app that is like "Envision" and the other similar apps in this class. The app does work offline. Should you want to use the realTime recognition, then tap on the "auto-detect" and that would do your realTime. Moving the camera away from what is in focus, does not stop the app from reading what it had captured. It stops and recognizes the next thing that is in view upon finishing what it was reading. Should you want it to refocus right away, then be sure to tap on the "Restart" button and this would make it focus on what is now in the camera view. I've written to Eyal, the Dev making suggestions and he'd be implementing some of those suggestions, including the ability to choose one's own TTS to use with "Speak!"