Designed to help people with Dyslexia, ADD, Concussions, Second Language Learners, Auditory Learners, Super Learners and Productivity Fanatics.

Copy some text, open the app, and Speechify will read it to you with a human sounding voice. Turn your work/homework into a podcast.

Listen at up to 600 words per minute.

RETAIN MORE: Academic research shows that listening and reading at the same time results in significantly higher levels of comprehension AND an improvement in the listener’s reading speed even when not listening.

Listen while driving, walking, cooking...

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Other Comments: 

This app is accessible except for the fact that, the "Scan" button that is found to the left of the "contact us" near the bottom-right of the phone isn't accessible. The button does not speak and the only way that you would know that there's a button there, is if you have sounds enabled in your Talkback settings or if you have some sight and can see that button. This "Scan" button is very important, because tapping on that button, results in bringing up some important buttons near the bottom of the phone just above the Home Key area: --Web, PDF, Capture, etc. Tapping on "Web" would take you to a screen where you can choose to get books from Bookshare, articles from "Pocket" or from your Google Drive. I would like to mention here in passing too, that the "Google Drive" icon doesn't speak when it is encountered, but tapping on it would result in asking you to allow it to access your Google Drive. To delete an article or a book,, once you are in the list, there's an "options" to the right of each which when tapped on, would bring up things like "share," "delete," etc. This app would let you read e-pub materials, PDF files, text files but no support for Word documents as of yet. The app speaks in a British Google TTS and I haven't found a way to change it to the American TTS or let it use a TTS from my phone. The app would continue to read even when you shut off the screen. I think I am writing to the Dev to make this app better.