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Short Description: 

Turn your tv into a smart tv with this modern, powerful, affordable media centre.

Physical Description: 

In the box you get: tv box, power adapter, remote, and hdmi cable.

Under the hood you have: Quad core 2.4 ghz processor, 4gb ram, 32 gb storage.

Connectivity includes: 2.5 ghz wireless N, 4K display via hdmi, bluetooth 4.1, ethernet.

Software: Android 8.1. This box is relatively light on bundle software, but it's launcher is terrible.

This box is very low profile and seems to perform well though I have only tested it for a day or two.

Accessibility Features: 

This box comes with high contrast and large font as well as the accessibility shortcut. The entire accessibility suite and google tts need to be installed from scratch.

The launcher is terrible. It has unlabeled program icons and focus issues, and I have not found a way to add apps to the home screen. The accessibility shortcut is the only useful feature that comes with the box, and consists of pressing the back and down buttons together. The remote is nice, but is the only selling feature and isn't enough to make me buy again.

Another issue is adjusting the speed of the pointer. I need to slow it down a bit for the user.

If you don't mind getting sighted assistance for half an hour or more to set up, this could be an OK box. I mind very much, and won't be buying again even though I could really use a second one.


I recommend avoiding.