Talking Caller ID Calls & SMS


Talking Caller ID will speak the name or phone number of all your incoming calls and text messages.

This app speaks the name(if in contacts) or the phone number of incoming calls and SMS / text messages via Android's built-in Text to Speech (TTS) capabilities.
If you have any difficulties please verify via the Android settings that your TTS is functional.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact:
androidtouchdev [at]

Thank you!

Free Or Paid: 

Free And Paid Versions Available

Other Comments: 

Just like most of the apps in this category that haven't been updated in a while, this app hasn't been updated since 2014. With that out of the way, this is the best in this category that I have used. The app is very Accessible and the settings aren't overwhelming. Most importantly however, is the fact that this particular app announces the caller in "silent" mode if you enable it, and it equally announces over bluetooth devices where most don't. The one thing that I wish the developer has done, was to add a feature of choosing which TTS to use. In its current state, the app uses the default TTS on the phone. The free version doesn't allow for pitch and rate changes, but the paid version, which sells for $1.99 does. The paid version can be found at: