TalkType Keyboard


TalkType is the first voice-centric keyboard

(currently available in the US and Canada and supports English only). Speech to text dictation made fast and simple! Type faster and easier with voice
input. Browse, search and share GIFs, restaurants, and current location. Navigate and select text quickly with trackpad. Just swipe to type on text keyboard.
Have quick access to alphabet keyboard, symbols keyboard and emoji keyboard. Make your keyboard shine with beautiful themes.

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Other Comments: 

The "TalkType" keyboard comes from Baidu USA LLC. When it comes to the accuracy of Voice Dictation, I believe this keyboard blows the Google Voice dictation out of the water! There are, however, some accessibility concerns, owing to the fact that most of the buttons found on the dictation panel are not labeled. The core ones, such as "Tap to speak" button, "tap to pause" button, etc. are labeled, but those like the "Return," Emoji, etc. are not labled. I'm laying out here, what each button does, so you can label them or know what each of those buttons that are not labeled stand for. Starting from the left, just above the home key area and going right from there we find the following: 1. The TalkType Settings. In other word, the "Settings" button. 2. A button labeled as "?123" (Question mark 123), which when tapped on, switches you to the symbols keyboard, which in essense, has thus switched you to the Qwerty keyboard, because once you are in that area, you can find a "Letters" button, besides all the symbols, and tapping on that "letters" button, without a doubt, shows up the Qwerty layout with the letters, and yes, the keys on the Qwerty layout do speak their names as you touch them. 3. Next to that, is a button labeled as "A B C," which when tapped on, switches you to the Qwerty keyboard. 4. Next to that is another unlabeled button, that when tapped on, reveals the different emojis. 5. Right of the Emoji button, is the "Delete" of "backspace" button. 6. The last one on the extreme right is the "Return" or "Enter" key. I should mention here in passing, then when you switch to the Qwerty keyboard layout, the "voice input" key, just like that found on the Google keyboard, is found right above the letter P. In conclusion, the "TalkType" keyboard is a great keyboard for voice dictation. It does not have a chime to indicate that the mic is listening. The default mode is set to start listening as soon as the voice dictation mode is invoked. You can turn that off in the settings. I've written to the Dev to label the buttons found on the Voice Dictation" panel. You can manually label the buttons on your own, using the layout of the "Voice Dictation" panel as i described above. I suggest that after invoking the LCM--Local Context Menu, and tapping on the "Add label," that you switch to the Qwerty keyboard to type as using the voice Dictation, although works, but Talkback gets a little finickey.