Techfunder is an easy and beautiful way to browse Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon crowd funding projects and track your favourites and contributions.
Optimised for both tablets and phones.

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Why choose between crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Patreon when you can have both in one!?

- What can you do with Techfunder?
With Techfunder you can:
* Browse for free projects in Technology, Games, Media and Design

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This is a great app for those interested in wanting to stay in the "know" regarding "crowd-funded" projects. The main UI of the app is Accessible, however, when you tap on a project that you are interested in, at the right bottom of the screen, is an unlabeled button that I have dubbed, "Additional Options". Tapping on this "additional options", results in 4 additional unlabeled buttons, found on the right edge of the phone, starting from the mid-section of the phone, going downwards in this order: "Share", "Open Site", "Select Ammount to pledge" and "Add to Favorites/Remove from Favorites". Note that these are the labels I gave those, but you can label yours differently if you so desire. For some unknown reason, our Inclusive Android site is behind the times, thus it doesn't recognize the dot "club" as a valid site, thus, it won't let me put in the website of the developers. For this reason, I am putting the website address right here in my notes, and that address is: