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Tellmate is working for creating a wearable vision device in form of glasses which will process in front images of Visually Impaired Person, will convert it to sound and whisper in the ear using hearing aids. Visually Impaired will be able To walk around unfamiliar places; To avoid obstacles; To read books, newspaper, hoardings or any text in real-time and focus on getting a much-needed independence.

With this application, we are enabling users in Reading NewsPaper, Books, Magazine or Any Printed Text in English, Hindi or a mixture of two languages whether at home or outside. We...

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This is yet another app that would aid in text recognition by using your camera to capture text and then uploaded to a server for recognition or choose an image from your gallery to be recognized. The app can also recognize faces and this is done by adding the faces to your "collection." I haven't tried this part yet since i have just literally installed this app and only tried the text recognition part. The app is still in its infancy and our feedback would help them shape the app to a better product. I'm trying it on Oreo, and so far, it works well with no crashes.