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This app--, "TestM" surprisingly is accessible! The Dev labeled the buttons, but somehow, didn't place the labels directly on the buttons but below the buttons, thus, when you encounter a button, it will says "Unlabeled," but the name of the button is reported shortly thereafter. During the testing phase, when you get to the screen that wants you to scrub the face of the screen to get rid of what is being shown at the moment, (and there's only one such screen during the test); then, use two fingers to scrub the face of the phone to get rid of it. When it gets to the part of the test that has to do with checking your volume keys, then suspend Talkback so you can perform that part of the test. This part has you press the volume-up key, then press the volume-down key. Afterwards, resume your Talkback so that you can proceed with Screen Reader support. Every step tells you what you need to do before you tap on the "Start" or "next" button. In other words, for example, when you get to the screen that it wants to test your headphone jack (if you have one), it will tell you that you would need to plug a wired headset, and it will also tell you to plug in the charger before you tap on the start for it to check your headphone jack or charging port. The only part of the test that a blind person who doesn't have any light perception will have difficulty with, is the part that it checks the ledNotification in which it uses the camera flash and blinks a few times and you are supposed to watch and type in how many blinks you saw. I might write to the dev to see if it is possible to add a sound to this part so that each time it blinks, a sound can also be heard. I will be doing a little audio demonstration of this app in a few days.