Textifi: How to OCR Hard Copy Printed Material Even in Airplane Mode

Textifi by Virtual Eye is a simple OCR app that doesn't require a data or wi-fi connection. The Play Store link is

the interface is straight-forward. In the top right corner is a button for turning on the flashlight/torch, and across the bottom are buttons for detecting text, copying text to the clipboard, and reading the text out loud again. There is no menu icon, and there don’t seem to be any app settings.

To use Textifi, do the following:

• Turn on the flashlight (if necessary).
• Center your phone's viewfinder over the printed page.
• Tap the Detect Text button. Recognition is fairly quick. If nothing happens after a second or two, tap the screen again.

Once text is recognized, it is read automatically. If you want it to be repeated, tap the Speak Again button, and if you want to save it, tap the Copy button, then use TalkBack's editing menu to paste the text into a notepad app.

This app’s OCR results are great, but the key is to position your camera right. I was sitting in my office at school going through junk mail. If I positioned the camera by putting my elbow on the table next to the printed page and holding my hand up in the air, results were very good, almost as good as the Eye-D app by GingerMind Technologies. With Eye-D, recognition was pretty good even if I didn’t keep the camera level; with Textifi, recognition was great if I held the camera right, but results were bad if I wasn’t careful.