In Use


Why does your phone need to ring or vibrate for every notification when you're using it? It doesn't. 'In Use' automatically manages your sounds profiles.
Silence notifications when you're using your device and set them to ring/vibrate when you're not.

Features include:

• SOUND PROFILES – Choose between three different sound profiles for your device: silent, vibrate or normal

• SCHEDULE – Set 'In Use' to only run when you need it. Simply choose a start time and end time for your schedule, then you are good to go

• NO...

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Other Comments: 

Great app to stop those pesky notification sounds that cut off the podcast or radio station that you are listening to. The app is very accessible except for the fact that when you launch the app for the very first time after installing it, the "next button" which takes you through the tutorial screens, is not labeled. Bear in mind that you can tap on the "skip" button to bypass the tutorial screens. Other than that, everything else is accessible and I don't see the need to contact the developer to label the "Next button" which only appears on first launch of the screen while going through the tutorial. It's a great app! Once you aren't using the phone, the notification sounds will be back, or if you like, you can set it to vibrate or "silent."