Versus is the comparison app which helps you make informed decisions with everything from product purchases to city destinations. Thanks to Versus making
the right choice has become much easier.

Versus is the sophisticated comparison platform presenting facts stripped of marketing influence, easy to digest—from phones to cities, over 30 product
categories. The number of categories is getting bigger.

Compare: phones, cameras, CPUs, tablets, headphones, graphics cards, cities, sports watches, single speakers, PC and gaming headsets, camcorders, monitors,

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Although this app isn't fully accessible, the main functions of the app are Accessible. Upon Launching the app, you would find unlabeled buttons as you scrool through the articles. Some of the articles are spken while others don't, but simply Say: "button". This "button" is what I have labeled as "Read article" for that is exactly what it does--it opens up the article so you can read it. At the top of the screen, are two edit fields--One on the left and the other directly across it to the right. All you need to do, is type the products you want to compae. For example, if you want to know what the differences are between say, the Nexus 5X and the LG G4, then you can type either the Nexus in the first edit field and type the LG in the edit filed on the right of the one with the Nexus, you just typed. Now, to the right of the field you just typed LG into, is a "Go" button. Tapping on this button, results in the comparison of the two. The comparative articles are displayed on two panels--, the first one, that is, in this case, using the example of the Nexus and the LG G4; the Nexus 5 X is on the left panel and the LG is on the right panel. Upon tapping on the "go" button, there is a picture or pictures of the items that show up in the middle. So, to read about the Nexus 5 X, you would need to swipe with two fingers from left to right to reveal the panel for the Nexus phone. To read about the LG G4, your swipe with two fingers ffrom right to left, to read about the LG product. I have written to the developer but I haven't heard from them yet with respect to full Accessibility implimentations.