Visual Voicemail Plus


Visual Voicemail Plus gives you the power to manage your Voicemails and FAXES in a whole new way via your device, email, phone or computer for FREE. The most powerful and feature rich Visual Voicemail service available.

Read voicemail for a small monthly fee (OPTIONAL).

Respond to voicemail with a Voice Instant Message (VIM).

Setup caller specific greetings, Scheduled greetings (time/date based)

Take faxes on your voicemail or purchase a dedicated number for fax and voicemail so you don't have to give out your private number!

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Although many buttons have no content description labels, most all buttons will speak a text description when long pressed. I'm currently in communication with the Android feedback department to fix the button issues. Overall this app is quite usable, and it works very well using both Spiel and Talkback. The app and the voicemail service are simply amazing, and when support is needed, the response time seems very fast.

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