Voxist: Visual voicemail you can read


Voxist is an intelligent voicemail that replaces your carrier’s inefficient voicemail. Impress callers with customized greetings and save time by reading transcribed voicemail messages. Access messages on your phone or via email, so you never miss out.

Voxist is a free voicemail app that’s really simple to navigate, so you can manage all of your business and personal voicemail efficiently. In a meeting? On the train? With another client? Read your voicemail instead of listening to it!


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A couple of features make this voicemail app stand above the rest. There is a play button next to each message, so there is no need to open a message to listen to it. Also, although voicemail greetings can be voice recordings, it is also possible to write the text of your voicemail greeting, which will be played for callers using a synthetic voice. This text can include name or phone number information from your contacts, so that everyone who is in your contact list can for example be greeted by name. This is not a call blocking app, nor does it do conferencing, voice chat or unified messaging. It is just a simple no-frills visual voicemail app that does its job well.

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