Walkthrough Of Samsung Galaxy Talkback Screen Reader on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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Samsung S6 Edge Is Reinventing Accessibility For Android Users
by Hugo Gallegos On May 2, 2015

In this podcast Hugo demonstrates some of the accessibility features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung has developed their own version of TalkBack similar to Google TalkBack allowing you to navigate the screen with their own customized interface.

Dark screen allows you to dim the screen.

Turning the Accessibility shortcut on, enables you to long-press the power button, and then place two fingers on the screen for a few seconds to turn on TalkBack. permitting you to navigate the interface.

Voice Label works in conjunction with writable NFC tags allowing you to scan an NFC tag, and record a voice memo helping you to understand what you tapped your phone to.

Accessibility features for low vision users:

Magnification gestures allows you to do a triple tap on the screen to zoom the entire interface and also pinch in and out with two fingers to adjust the zoom level.

Magnifier window zooms in on areas of the screen with a permanent “window” that can be moved around.

Font size allows you to adjust the font size to various levels.

The Negative colors option changes the entire interface to a color palette that’s easier to see. The interface switches to mostly white, with black text and red or pink elements.

Color adjustment enables the interface to align colors by order of shade and color to your preference.

Greyscale changes the interface to shades of black and grey.

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