Western Digital WD MyCloud personal storage

Short Description: 

With My Cloud, it’s no longer a mystery where your personal files are stored. It’s your own cloud that you control, so you’ll know that your videos, photos, music and documents are in one safe place…your place.

Physical Description: 

Dimensions: 6.7 inches x 5.5 inches x 1.9 inches,
Weight: 2.2 Pounds,
Materials: plastic,
What's in the box: WD MyCloud, Network cable, AC adapter, Quickstart Guide,
Physical connections: power, ethernet, usb,
Capacities: 2tb, 3tb, 4tb, 6 tb,
Web admin interface: yes,

Accessibility Features: 



This is the WD Mycloud personal storage device. Inclusive android reviewed the app <a href="http://www.inclusiveandroid.com/content/wd-my-cloud">here.</a>

For comparison, I looked at the segate equivilant of this solution. The segate model was faster but had nothing else to recommend it in the way of features. It's file support is limited. It's network features aren't as good. It's also a bit more expensive.

I got a quickstart pdf off of the web and had this unit up and running in virtually no time. The web interface isn't fully accessible. Some of the dynamic content takes getting used to and some buttons and controls aren't labeled. Older browsers may have a hard time and present more accessibility issues, but with the latest safari and some imagination I was able to figure it out and now it's a breeze. I can add accounts, create folders and permissions, and so on.

Note that although this device has a USB port, this is for firmware updates only and can not be used to transfer files to and from the device.

The mycloud app is OK. I like it better on android than I do on IOS.

Overall, this has been a very good solid purchase.


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