What are some accessible launchers?

Hi all,

I'm currently an iOS user but looking into Android for my next phone. My partner has recently got a Sony Xperia XZ1 and I may get the same, but one thing I have noticed while using hers is that it is very difficult to navigate the Sony default home screen with TalkBack. Explore by touch works ok, but flicking left or right doesn't do anything and I find this method to be quicker at times.

Does anyone know of a launcher that works well with TalkBack and runs on Android 8.0? I would also like one that makes it easy to rearrange apps, again using TalkBack, but that isn't essential, as long as it is easy to navigate that's fine with me.

I did have a very brief play around with Nova Launcher on my partner's phone and that seems good, but for some reason it only showed a handful of apps rather than every app on the phone. Am I missing something there?

Thanks in advance for any help.