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WRIO Keyboard for fast and error free typing helps you get rid of typos and write messages in lightning speed. WRIO is the only keyboard that is designed to provide an optimal typing experience on touch devices. It’s revolutionary yet easy to use, and after a couple of messages you’ll love it. With WRIO, you write it once.

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WRIO revolutionizes the 140-year old typewriter keyboard, featuring the honeycomb layout specifically designed for your...

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Wrio is a rather very interesting keyboard, with large keys! The keyboard isn't your traditional Qwerty layout that you have come to know, rather the letters are arranged a little differently, making it look like a honeycomb. There are two spacebar keys, found in the middle of the keyboard, one on the right side in-between letter H and the apostrophe key. On the left, it is Letter F and the period key on the left of it that doesn't speak. It should be mentioned here in passing that this keyboard is a "double-tap" to activate and won't work by simply exploring to it, lifting your finger, and expect it to work. You must double-tap in order to activate the keyboard. There is no "delete" key, so to delete, you swipe with two fingers as a Talkback user, from right to left to delete characters. This is a little fun keyboard that may not be for everyone, but for those who like playing with apps.

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