WECast - Podcast app


- Simple, clean and functional interface.

- Everything that is essential in a Podcasts player, only easier.

- Get access to extra information, pictures and images about the subjects discussed in the Podcasts, at the exact moment when the subjects are mentioned.
The own users generate these content.

- Receive push notifications every time a new episode is out and, optionally, download it automatically or add it for streaming.

With WeCast you can:

- Add any Podcasts that have a feed address, even those ones that are not on iTunes.

- Create your...

Free Or Paid: 


Other Comments: 

This is a great and Accessible Podcast app, without any unlabeled buttons. The Dev took the time to make the app totally Accessible, hence, there isn't any Accessibility issues hee to report. Simply buy the app and enjoy a great Podcast app!