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Short Description: 

LG's flagship phone for 2017 has a unique extra-tall display that packs a large 5.7-inch, QHD+, HDR display into a relatively small phone. Other standout features include dual 13-megapixel rear cameras (standard and wide-angle), waterpro

Physical Description: 

On the back of the phone you have the power and the two back cameras. On the left side you have the two volume buttons. On the bottom you have a mic, a usb c port and the speaker The right side has nothing, and the top has a mic and the headphone jack. The front camera is somewhere in the screen. I forgot to mention the finger print reader is inside the power button.

Accessibility Features: 

Talkback ships with the phone. You also have somethingn that will ade you should your screen go black, but I turned that feature off.


I'm very very satisfied with the device. I've had it for a week, apps launch fast and tasks don't really take that long. I linked to phone scoop's website as that's where you will find the specs of the phone