Audex: Accessibility Redefined


Audex is redefining accessibility for your android devices.
It gives you many smart features such as: Smart Labeling System, Audible Access etc.
What is Smart Labeling System (SLS)?
Audex includes a Smart Labeling System, Which automaticly labels all the unlabeled controls throughout your apps and device.
This feature is very useful and improves the accessibility of unlabeled controls by 90 - 95%.
Audex also provides audible feedback for many events such as:
• Clicking,
• Touching/Hovering,
• Swiping on the screen,
• Opening/closing the...

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Other Comments: 

This is a super useful app. I personally love the Smart Labeling System. This can take an app from being usable but needing experimentation to figure out to being able to use the app just as quickly as if the buttons were labeled.