Navigating with Brailleback when reading files in Kapsys Smartvision 2 phone's built-in Bookreader - can't get past first lot of text with Braille display?

I have a Kapsys Smartvision 2 phone and am trying to use it with my Brailliant BI 40 Braille display - specifically for reading books/files in the phone's built-in BookReader; but I can't keep reading with the display past a bit of the first section after the table of contents. I keep scrolling (with either panning keys (ie thumbkeys on the Brailliant BI 40 device) or space with Command5 (ie right middle command key on the device), as per the list of commands given in context Help for that device, but either way, I just get the other options of BookReader - Play/pause, Next, Previous, and even when I choose Next, it just starts the audio reading of the book, but I end up back in table of contents with the braille display. Isn't it possible to just keep reading forwards with Brailleback, or is this to do with the phone's BookReader? I raised this with Pacific Vision (the company that sell the phone in Australia) and am awaiting clarification from them when they look into this too, but I thought someone on here could clarify the situation regarding navigating with Brailleback, as the support pages on Google's site are not helpful, nor is the documentation for the phone, nor the Brailliant BI 40 documentation. I was trying to read a Word file - specifically, a book called "Braille on Display" by Jackie Brown (purchased from, and I am also aware the table of contents isn't being rendered properly by the Bookreader and this has also been reported to Kapsys, but I'm hoping someone can help regarding this navigation issue. Your assistance/clarification would be greatly appreciated!