I don't know How To Scroll On the Touch screen On Opened Apps:

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Hello: I am a blind Android user, and the problem is that I am still not able to master the touch screen very well. I can navigate the home screen with the touch screen, and I can open apps from the apps menu: but I am unable to navigate opened apps. I don't understand why this is the case. When I am on an app and I drag my finger from top to the bottom of the phone, I keep hearing the same items being spoken to me. For instance, when I am on the contacts app, I am only able to find just three of my contacts at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen, I get the favorites menu, but just one or two contacts can be accessed. On whatssap, I just find maybe one or two items, and that is what keeps talking to me when I scroll the phone from top to bottom. Please can anyone give me some tips on how to switch pages on the phone? is there a specific way I have to hold the phone? do I have to hold it vertically or horizontally? when I want to switch pages, do I swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top, or from the top to the bottom of the screen, and how do I do the swiping: is it done from left to right or from right to left. I used a bluetooth keyboard at a time to access the phone, but the keyboard cannot navigate some apps. On some apps, the keyboard just doesn't work. I can use it very well to search my contacts, to write text messages and the like: I hope this problem is very well understood. I have a second issue: when I am working on some apps, some taps don't get activated. For instance, when I am filling out a login page, and I type the user name and password, the signin button does not get activated when I tap on it: even when I use a bluetooth keyboard and press enter, the sign-in or login button does not get activated. Is this problem odd and peculiar to me? or is it that I am not doing something correctly? My third problem has to do with a phone call. When i call a service that requires me to tap on 1 2 3etc, that is after the service agent has read out the topics to be tapped on, the phone is always blank. When i touch the phone from top to bottom I get no feedback. So, in this case how can one bring up the keyboard. I'll be grateful to get help on all the three different issues I am having with my Android device. I use android 6.1, and I use a Samsung Galaxy grand prime plus SM532 phone. Looking forward to reading your response. Thanks and kind regards.