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Best FREE audio recorder for Heads-up and Button-Free voice recording. Fast Pause and Resume. Record without using buttons. Record without looking at the screen. Use Ear Detect to Record - move phone close to your Ear to Record - move it away to Pause. Place phone face-down on table to Record and face-up to Pause. Use Volume Buttons or use Headset button to Record Pause and Stop. Listen to Stereo Recording in real-time on ear-phones. Large buttons visible in sunlight and from 20 feet away when indoors. Vibrations for Record Pause and Stop. Blind-accessibility tested with TalkBack by Eyes-...

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Though this app wasn't developed specifically for blind and visually impaired users, the developer put a lot of time and effort into making this recorder quite usable by as many people as possible. For Android 4.0 and above devices - get this app from Google Play: For Android 2.2 and above, get the APK from the blog website: