Can anyone help me understand why I cannot use the talkback gestures on my Android phone.

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Actually, talkback is running on my phone, but I am unable to use the gestures. I cannot use the gestures to find anything even on the home screen. I instead, use the bluetooth keyboard. When I tap on an item I touch on the phone, the tap does not select anything. And of course one cannot use the bluetooth keyboard to work on an opened app. The gestures just have to be used. When I open an app, I don't even get to hear anything even when I touch the screen. It is silent. Some times, I only hear the same item being repeated where ever I touch on the screen.
Please can anyone understand why this is happening: do I need to re-set talkback, if so what do I need to re-set therein, to make me able to use the gestures Explore by touch is enabled already, but I don't understand what the problem is. I don't understand why the gestures are not working for me, despite the fact that talkback is enabled.