questions from a deaf blind Android user


I am Deaf (since birth) and registered blind (since2011)
I am Iphone 4 user since it first comes out until few months ago, I accidentally upgrade iOS to 7 from 5. Now.. I now can't use the iPhone due to spidery thin texts. It is no good now. I regret for upgrading it.

I am looking for a phone that can go further than just texting.

This morning I was doing some shopping, I want to buy a tin of tuna.. Now.. I HATE tuna in brine.. I prefer tuna in sunflower oil. I was standing there in front of the row of tins trying to work out what the labels on the tins are saying. They all look the same ! The fonts on the labels are too small and too fade. I thought I wish I had a device that can read the tin and show more easier to read texts. I thought what about a smartphone can it do a job I was thinking? An apps?

If there is one.. tell me..

LG G3 a good phone for deaf and blind people?