Is there a full featured mucic player that can replace my sansa fuse?

I have a rockboxed sansa fuse. This player has been fantastic and continues to be a workhorse. I use it for audio book and music listening. My player is three years old now, and while I intend to use it until it drops dead in it's tracks, it might be time to think about next steps.

So I'm looking for an audio player on android which will:
be excellent on battery,
Allow bookmarks for multiple sets of files,
Support mp3 and flac audio,
have the widest possible array of EQ'ing options for bass, trebble, stereo width, and more,
Offer extensions such as equalizer presets and file format support plugins,
Offer intergration with dropbox and/or tonido,
Be talkback accessible,

Am I dreaming, or is there an android media player that meets my needs?