is their a way to route a device accessibly and successfully?

I have an old Samsung Galaxy s4 running version 5.1.
I would like to route my device to the latest version of Android.
Is their a way to accessibly route my device?
Or, would I need sighted assistance?
Is their a guide somewhere using cyanogenMod or some other program?



yes it is very doable


There are 3 activities in your question:
1) rooting (getting admin rights )
2) replacing recovery (installing a custom boot/recovery image so that you can do many things including installing, backup, replace of the device's software and partitions
3) flashing a custom ROM (replacing the operating system of the device)

I rooted my S4 some time ago. I followed a process similar to:

I have had good experience with Lineage OS as a ROM and a variant or version is available for the S4.

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one click root


I investigated one click root some time ago and plan to go this rout even though it costs money. All my attempts to root manually have gone for not, because they are so hardware dependent. I need a root option that doesn't require a desktop computer. I think one click root might, but I can borrow for a few minutes if I have to. Compaired with taking a day to install commandline tools and manually alter permissions I find one click root solution very acceptable.

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