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Results Of The July 2016 Poll - Favourite Accessible Audio Streaming App

Audio plays a big roll in many people's life.  From streaming music to streaming radio apps.  We polled the community to find out what they find themselves using most of the time when they are streaming audio And Why?  We asked, which do they find the most accessible or usable?  Is there a particular Interface between a radio station stream or a music service stream to your phone that they love?  Which have that special feature they just can't live without?  Is there a specific task one is particularly exceptional at accomplishing or is there a specific situation where 1 is better than the

Results Of 2016 Poll - Favourite Accessible Android Email Client

The one thing just about everyone does on their mobile phone is read email. We reached out to the community of android users to find out what email client Everyone Is Using And Why? We asked people, which do you find the most accessible or usable? Which have that special feature you just can't live without? Is there a specific task one is particularly exceptional at accomplishing or is there a specific situation where 1 is better than the other.


The votes are in and the winner won with a landslide of votes:

Help inclusive android with a new article by rating your favourite apps

Hello inclusive android family,

over the next two or three weeks, we're conducting a rating drive. If you have never taken the opportunity to rate your favourite or perhapse not so favourite apps, we hope you'll do this now.

Inclusive android wants to conduct a study of cross platform app accessibility based on user ratings from applevis and inclusive android and publish the results in an article. In order to make that happen, we need all the ratings we can get, especialy from the inclusive android community.

CrowdViz Now Looking for Android Beta-Testers!

CrowdViz is an app that connects people who are visually impaired with our trusted sighted assistants. With just a click of a single button, through a video connection, our assistants can offer various types of help; whether it’s reading the expiration date on a carton of milk, to selecting an item from the vending machine or even strolling through NYC and needing to find a restaurant, we are here to help.

Congratulations to the winner of our amazon gift card giveaway!

The inclusive android team congratulates Belovedmisanthropy who posted two peripherals between June and July. She wins the $25 amazon gift card we gave away.

We hope you all enjoyed the contest. Please continue to share your thoughts on android peripherals and devices. New things are coming out every day, and if you try one, we would value your feedback.

Thanks for playing,