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Shuffling your Music in your Playlist on YouTube

Take the following steps to enable the "shuffle Mode" on your YouTube "Playlist."

1. Launch YouTube,

2. At the bottom of the phone are five tabs--Starting from the bottom left, going right, you've got:
"Home," "Trending," "Subscription," "Activity" and "Library."

3. Tap on "Library,"

4. On the screen that shows up upon tapping on "Library," find and tap on the name of the "Playlist," in this case, for this demonstration, I have created one called "Mix Bag."

Getting Started with DocuSign

This is an audio demonstration of "DocuSign," an app used for electronically signing documents.
"DocuSign" is not accessible, when it comes to both creating the signature or the initials with Talkback on.

Talkback must be suspended in order for one to be able to draw his or her signature or print his or her initials.

Microsoft Office Lens Demonstration 2

About a couple years ago, when the Microsoft Office Lens was still in the preview state, I did an audio tutorial, demonstrating how to go about using the app to scan a document.
Now, almost two years later, things have changed some, and this second tutorial takes you down that path of how to capture a document with Office Lens.


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