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A Quick Overview of TuneIn Radio

This is a little overview of TuneIn Radio, the free version that lacks a few items, comparing it to the paid version, besides the fact that you would be presented with ads at the bottom of the app.

The free version, however, just like the paid version, will give you access to all the available stations found in the app.

App layouts on Phones compared to tablets

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This is a podcast based on the blog post I did on the same topic where I've looked at how apps are laid out differently on mobile phones to tablets. I've compared a few specific apps to try and give an idea to someone with one device thinking of getting the other, of how the experience will compare. The blog post is at:

Walkthrough Of Smart Selfie App

This is a camera app that has voice guidance so you can take a picture of yourself or someone else, or a group of people, using voice guidance.

The app tells you to either, move the camera to the left, or to the right; hold it up, move it down, hold, and when it's focused, it tells you to say "Cheese", and upon saying so, the shutter is triggered and you have a beautiful picture of yourself or someone eolse.

There is an entry for this in the "apps and Games" directory with more information, but you may download the app from:

Walkthrough Of Fast Customer App

Use this app to call companies and businesses in the US and Canada.

This app makes it possible for you to simply tap on the company of business in question and simply tap on the "have someone call me"; and that's it.

besides all of that, it will let you know whether or not the business in question is opened at the time you are calling or not.

Using Google Now / OK Google: From Quentin

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Following a conversation on the Eyes-Free list, both Warren Carr and I went off to record our thoughts on Google Now. Listening to Warren's as I am while I upload mine, I think we've actually tag teamed a bit on what we've covered - I touched on setting up Google now from scratch, Warren goes into more detail on the settings themselves and creating the Google Now cards, and I spent more time on asking OK Google questions

Using Google Now or OK Google: From Warren

This is a little tutorial of the Google Now, or the OK Google voice Search.

This tutorial would give you a quick overview of this app and how to configure it to your liking.

I apologize for the audio cutoff toward the end as my mic went dead and couldn't finish signing off.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, don't hesitate to contact us on eyes-free list or right here on Inclusive Android, or send me email to:

Thanks everyone for your support of Inclusive android, and have a great one.

RapiTap! Accessible Game audio walkthrough

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This Walkthrough of RapiTap! highlights playing the game using Talkback and goes through some of the options which can be changed to suit your individual needs and taste. For those not familiar, RapiTap! is an adrenaline pumping, challenging, accessible real time reaction based game where the goal is to tap the targets as quickly as possible (avoiding the decoys) in order to get a high score.

Microsoft Office Lens (Scanner) Preview

This is a scanning app by Microsoft called, "Office Lens." This is still in a preview state, thus it is not obtainable directly from the Play Store without first signing or joining the GooglePlus page, after which, one could follow the prompts to download the preview app from the Play Store. The URL for the GooglePlus page is:


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