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Introducing the KNFB Reader for android!

During the 2015 NFB National Convention, upcoming releases of the KNFB reader for android were, of course, prominantly and proudly on display. I caught up with James Gashel on Saturday July 11th for an interview and demonstration of the new KNFB reader for android. Now you can hear that demo and conversation even before the official reliece of the app. I asked Jim for 5 or 10 minutes. He gave me 45. I boiled it down to a 20 minute audio, and I hope you enjoy.

how to submit a device to inclusive android

This is a quick and dirty guide on how to submit a device to the inclusive android device directory. I hope it will incourage more of you to try it as there are so many great devices and peripherals out there and no one person can review them all.

So public speaking isn't my best skill. The finished product is heavily but not perfectly edited. Also I did not have my mixer or pro mics available and it shows. I will make a better one next month if it's wanted but for now, enjoy as I add the very popular but seldom used any more sony ericsson xperia pro to our device directory.

Getting Started with Back Camera Selfie

Use the fast and accurate self-voicing camera app to take a picture of yourself or someone else. Simply point the camera and follow the voice prompts. This does not have any settins to mess with. At the bottom of the screen, are four unlabeled buttons, going from the right to the left you have: "Print", "Share", "Save" and "Back to camera live view".

Voice Cam For Blind

This is a little app that given the time and dedication, on the part of the Developer, would definitely be a useful tool in the hands of many blind folks. That app does not retain what it sees, so it's important to bear that in mind. It allows you to simply hear what the camera sees.


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