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Getting Started with Back Camera Selfie

Use the fast and accurate self-voicing camera app to take a picture of yourself or someone else. Simply point the camera and follow the voice prompts. This does not have any settins to mess with. At the bottom of the screen, are four unlabeled buttons, going from the right to the left you have: "Print", "Share", "Save" and "Back to camera live view".

Voice Cam For Blind

This is a little app that given the time and dedication, on the part of the Developer, would definitely be a useful tool in the hands of many blind folks. That app does not retain what it sees, so it's important to bear that in mind. It allows you to simply hear what the camera sees.

Walkthrough Of Samsung Galaxy Talkback Screen Reader on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Downloaded from: Cool Blind Tech

Samsung S6 Edge Is Reinventing Accessibility For Android Users
by Hugo Gallegos On May 2, 2015

In this podcast Hugo demonstrates some of the accessibility features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung has developed their own version of TalkBack similar to Google TalkBack allowing you to navigate the screen with their own customized interface.

A walkthrough of the initial setup on stock android plus factory resetting an old device

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This tip walks you through the process of unboxing a new device - I've used a Nexus and tried to be as general as possible to give an idea of the process for all users. I've also covered the process for factory resetting an existing device, perhaps in preparation for handing it over to someone else.


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