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ANTAD Podcast Episode 4

In the 4th ANTAD Podcast episode, we dialogued on a few OCR packages and demonstrated what they can do.

Nimer demonstrates the "Speak!" app from "High Mountain" while I, Warren demonstrated "Google Lens" and "Assistive Text Detection" by Leo Neat" as well as touching on "Speechify" by "Speechify Text To Speech Dyslexia Reading OCR."

We also touched on "Lookout" by google, "The Voice for Android" also known as "vOICe" by Peter Meijer.

Krister raised a good question about the possibility of integrating object description in our native camera apps.

ANTAD Podcast_Episode 3_Adiantum--What is it?

In our third installment of the "ANTAD" Podcast, recorded on Sept. 28,2019, we showcased the new encryption that Google has for "Android Go" devices known as the "Adiantum."

This would be the way forward starting with "Android Go" 10 devices that we should start seeing come to the market towards the end of this year.

Nimer spotlights both Google Fi, the upcoming Pixel 4 and indeed, we sang a little "happy birthday" tune for Google turning 21 yesterday--Sept. 27.

Ravi graces the episode with a demonstration of the "Supersense" app from the mediate group.

ANTAD Podcast--Episode 2 "The Missing Eloquence TTS Engine"

In our second episode of the ANTAD Podcast, we discussed the sudden disappearance of the Eloquence TTS engine from the Google Play Store.

Michael demonstrates the capabilities of the unsung hero--"Voice Access" from Google.

Ravi unveiled the new feature in WhatsApp wherein one can use the fingerprint Reader to lock the app.

Warren demonstrates a little tucked away feature that is hidden even from file manager in the Chrome browser where one could clear the footprints of websites either individually or clear all with one tap.

ANTAD 1st Podcast Episode

In our very first " ANTAD" podcast, Hareth, Krister, Nimer and Warren discuss the history of Android and the events that led to where we are today in Android.

This discussion looks at the weaknesses, strengths and key accessibility issues and when they became available.

Send your questions and inquiries, which would be responded to in the next episode to the following email address:


In the heels of "Envision" getting out of beta and charging for using the services, there are some Devs out there that are bent on making sure that we, the blind have something we can use without necessarily scrambling to find the money for such services, thus, Eyal, the Dev. of "Speak!" has chosen to make the app--Speak! freely available to every blind person.

"Speak!" (by "High Mountain") is available on the Play Store at the following URL:

Using Smart Lens, and OCR package

This little audio demonstration attempts to show you how to use "Smart Lens," an OCR package by a developer called Duy Pham from (MMLab).

Duy has given blind folks a promot code to use in order that we may get the app free.
The promo code is:
"godloveyou" without the quotes.

The Play URL of this app is located at:

The TrackerR Pixel

The trackerR Pixel comes from the many devices put out by the "Tracker" company.

This little audio demonstration demonstrates the process of pairing and tracking the item that this device is attached to.

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